I returned from Nashville in time for lockdown — and with a country fever

Sarah Sweeney in Robert’s Western World. Nashville, TN. March 2020
Listening to Sarah Gayle Meech and backing band in Robert’s Western World. Nashville TN. March 2020.

No more than 8 years old, I thought Aunt June—with her bouffant of red hair, a molasses-thick drawl, and false teeth she’d remove…

On the pleasure of cooking… or not cooking, for love

Illustration by Louisa Bertman

We’d broken up months before I moved out, and lived together awkwardly until I did, squirreled away into separate…

Sarah Sweeney

Writer, traveler & sometimes journalist. My essay collection “Tell Me If You’re Lying” debuted from Barrelhouse Books in 2016. Visit me at sarah-sweeney.com

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